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Estate Mourvedre

Planted in 2007, between our Tempranillo and Grenache sections. There is roughly 1 acre planted. The vines are Tablas Creek clones which are the most highly regarded versions available in the United States. Like Grenache, Mourvedre typically sets a rather large crop and needs to be balanced each year to ensure its quality. Grown on a bilateral cordon with wires/rows running East to West. Interestingly enough, Mourvedre is harvested towards the end of the season and starts its growing cycle on the later side as well but goes through veraison fairly early. Other than having to balance the crop by dropping some fruit each year, Mourvedre is fairly easy to manage. The shoots typically grow straight up and don’t have a lot of leaves at the base so the fruit gets plenty of light and airflow which make for clean fruit with good structure. One of my absolute favorite blending grapes but can make some really nice wines as a varietal as well.


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