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90+ Point Wines:

2020 Fiano- 92 points SOMM Journal  A distinctive nose of sunflower seed and salted honeydew melon precedes a palate that’s creamy, nutty, and savory. Baked pear and pine nut are coated with creamed corn and orange peel: The flavors have intensity in this complex wine, joined with good bodyweight and a long finish. Meredith May, SOMM Journal

2019 Fiano- 91 points WE  This medium-bodied and lively textured wine offers floral aromas and tantalizing peach flavors that are nicely concentrated and deep. Aged on the lees, it shows there's more to Amador than big reds. JIM GORDON, Wine Enthusiast

2019 Primitivo- 92 points, WE

2019 Miscela Italiana Family Reserve- 90 points, WE

2018 Family Reserve Zinfandel- 94 points, Editor's Choice WE  Elegant but powerful, this builds a polished frame of full body and very fine-grained tannins to support complex and concentrated black and red fruit flavors. Light toasted oak and dried herb accents in the aroma lead to lush black plum and dried black cherry flavors. Best through 2028. JIM GORDON

2018 Estate Zinfandel- 93 points, Editor's Choice WE  Wonderful complexity is this full-bodied wine's strong point, from aromas of wild berries, sage, dried meat and tobacco to mouthfilling flavors of raspberry, strawberry and mint. Full body and light tannins form a structure that nicely supports the cornucopia of flavors. JIM GORDON, Wine Enthusiast

2018 "The Native" Zinfandel- 94 points, Editor's Choice WE  Classic aromas of wild berries and chaparral meet very ripe, indulgent fruit flavors in this full-bodied but supple and polished wine. This stand-out from one of Amador's top-quality producers was fermented with native yeast and aged in neutral oak barrels. JIM GORDON, Wine Enthusiast                                92 points, SOMM Journal-The use of native yeast emphasizes both a sense of place and the varietal; aging in neutral barrels further expresses the character of this sublime
Zinfandel. Tilled soil, wild strawberry, black-peppered cedar, and bright yet earthy mushroom notes bloom from the glass. The wine closes on a salty mineral component.
 Meredith May, SOMM Journal

2017 Barbera- 90 points WE  Full bodied and full flavored, this big generous wine overflows with attractive berry and oak flavors that coat the mouth and linger on the finish. The texture is moderately tannic and nicely supports all the richness. JIM GORDON, Wine Enthusiast

2017 Estate Aglianico- 92 points WE Milk-chocolate, dark-chocolate and blackberry-jam flavors saturate this full-bodied wine with a delicious, indulgent richness. Quite full-bodied without being too tannic, it has a creamy texture, deep fruitiness and lingering finish.JIM GORDON, Wine Enthusiast

2017 Estate Grenache- 92 points WE   This complex and mature-tasting wine is superfragrant and inviting, offering aromas of red currants and breakfast tea followed by broad, warm flavors of poached plums and strawberries. JIM GORDON, Wine Enthusiast             93 points, SOMM Journal- Fennel, oregano, and rosemary season bright notes of raspberry. Taut acidity alerts white pepper, tomato leaf, rhubarb,and orange peel to perk up the palate, which ends on an earthy note. Superb! Meredith May, SOMM Journal

2017 Family Reserve Zinfandel- 92 points WE  This brawny but well-behaved wine offers superripe flavors of blackberry jam and black raisins drenched in fine-grained tannins on an extremely full body. Great concentration and saturation give it a rich palate and lingering finish. JIM GORDON, Wine Enthusiast

2017 "The Native" Zinfandel- 93 points, Editor's Choice WE  Extremely focused and concentrated fruit flavors light up this terrific wine. It's full bodied and lively textured, and was fermented on native yeast and aged in non-new barrels. Bright raspberry and rich blackberry mingle nicely, accented lightly with baking spices. JIM GORDON, Wine Enthusiast

2017 Estate Zinfandel- 93 points WE  This full-bodied, high-octane wine is seductive, layered and complete, filling a big frame of firm tannins with equally big, but also complex flavors of blackberry, strawberry, chocolate and tobacco. JIM GORDON, Wine Enthusiast

2017 Estate Mourvedre- 93 points WE  Rich, broad and succulent, this full-bodied wine is beautifully saturated with red and black fruit flavors that shine through mild tannins and coat the palate. A sense of breadth and depth ties in with its lingering finish. JIM GORDON, Wine Enthusiast

2016 Estate Tempranillo- 94 points, Cellar Selection WE  True to type, this full-bodied and extremely spicy wine contains plenty of tannins that give it an extra-grippy texture while complex earth, tobacco, leather and black-fig notes pile up on each other for a wonderful flavor fest. Best from 2024. JIM GORDON, Wine Enthusiast                                                            94 points SOMM Journal- Rhubarb and beetroot are elegantly appointed on a chalky bed with a fine acid structure. This juicy red is wired with a pop of white pepper along with beautiful blue and red floral tones on nose and palate. Red-tea tannins, spiced cedar, and a spark of matchstick and flint complete the journey. Meredith May, SOMM Journal

2016 Estate Zinfandel- 92 points WE  Very focused and delicious berry flavors give this full-bodied wine a satisfying palate and lingering finish, while moderate tannins and subtle oak spices like vanilla and cedar add welcome complexity. JIM GORDON, Wine Enthusiast

2016 Estate Aglianico- 90 points WE  This wine packs in an abundance of black-fruit flavors without being heavy, overly tannic or especially oaky. Blackberry and cranberry flavors are carried by good acidity and moderate tannins that give it an appetizing grip. JIM GORDON, Wine Enthusiast Magazine

N/V Doce Flor Touriga Dessert Wine- 92 points WE  This luscious, fortified wine made from a variety famous in Portugal is supersaturated with semisweet flavors of black plum, boysenberry and spicy notes like vanilla, cinnamon and clove. Blue cheese and toasted walnuts will love it. JIM GORDON, Wine Enthusiast




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