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Winemaking is a fascinating process that combines art, science and intuition. The change between freshly harvested grapes to finished wine is both intriguing and mysterious but simply put, wine is just fermented grapes; A process that happens naturally given the right circumstances. 

We believe wine tells a story of time and place. We believe wine is something to be enjoyed amongst friends and family and holds an unusual ability to both evoke and aid in creating memories. It is one of the most pure, sensual and thought provoking commodities known to man. For this reason, we feel a responsibilty to maintain authenticty during the winemaking process. This way the story can be told...

Amador Cellars is all about making wines that are memorable. We take pride in creating wines that express varietal character and the land on which the grape are grown. Starting with high quality grape is the first and the most crucial step in creating a beautiful wine. We start with small lots of ripe and flavorful winegrape to handcraft our wines with age-old winemaking practices.  We believe in a minimalist approach to winemaking. We add only yeast and nutrients to kick-off our fermentations and minimal sulfites during aging and before bottling to ensure freshness, consistency, and longevity. Additinally, our wines are unfined and unfiltered to allow them to express their true identity.

We produce between 3,000 and 5,000 cases annually. A reasonably low number so that the focus is entirely on wine quality. We strive to make wines with individuality and take pride in having a wide range of styles for any occasion. Every wine that we make is made in its own, unique way, holding tradition in one hand and creativity in the other with hopes that we produce wines that are authentic, sensual and captivating. 



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