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Our Estate vineyard is located in the heart of Amador County‚Äôs lush Shenandoah Valley wine country. The property sits at 1500 feet elevation and spans 22 acres with rolling hills of various  aspect and slope.  The soils are Sierra sandy loam and are derived mostly from granite and quartz. Our property is palnted to six Mediterranean grape varietals: Zinfandel, Tempranillo, Mourvedre, Grenache Noir, Aglianico and Sauvignon Blanc. 


Amador County is considered a Mediterranean climate so it only makes sense the Mediterranean varietials we grow feel right at home in our Vineyard. Cold air drainage from the Sierra Nevada Mountains at night keeps the air cool and fresh while delta breezes help cool and keep air moving during the day. This helps preserve acidity and color as well as enabling the fruit to hang on the vines longer and develop more flavor and character. 

Our vineyards are farmed sustainably. We do not believe in any tilling and avoid using inorganic fertilizers. All of the labor is done by hand. This includes pruning, thinning, leaf pulling, crop adjustment, and picking. It is very time consuming and expensive but it is worth it. With all of this is mind our ultimate goal is to yield small crops of extraordinary tasting fruit. 

Additionally we use wine grape from select neighboring vineyards with outstanding sites and talented growers who we work very closely with. 

We believe that the soul and character of wine translates directly from the fruit so starting with flavorful, balanced and clean fruit is essential in making wine we can be proud to put our name on and share with others.


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