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Estate Aglianico

One of Southern Italy’s most prized wines. Our Aglianico is planted East to West, untrellised or head trained, on what we call a vertical cordon, so the vines look more like bushes or trees than orderly vines all trained along wires. The benefits of growing this way can be many, but it certainly is one of the hardest sections to manage and get a consistently stellar crop from. Like the others in the section there is roughly 1 acre planted, 6 rows in all, planted in 2008. It is one of the last varietals we pick each year meaning it ripens as the season turns to fall and brings cooler temperatures along with it. In a typical year we harvest 2 to 3 Tons in late October or even early November. The fruit and resulting wines are unique and alluring and with appropriate bottle age can be quite special. Extremely aromatic and flavorful with a lot of color, tannin structure and acidity, all things that make for a cellar worthy wine.


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